Belle Bar Organic

New York
One of our most successful brand partnerships is with an innovative Beauty & Wellness brand. Collectively our team was able to build their backend Marketing SOP’s and 5X their revenue from $50k/month to over $250k/month, and rising, within the first 6 months of partnership.

During this time we partnered with Belle-Bar to successfully build, launch and sell their flagship course, converting from email to an E-learning Platform. Digital education alone generated over $599K in sales, in 6 weeks — around 60% of their total revenue. Within the last year we've also significantly increased their email/social performance.

Here's a quick breakdown of our overall success with the brand:

∙Growth of about 1 Million Dollars in total sales in the first 6 months of partnership
Increased total Social Impressions by 583%
Increased total Social Engagements by 213%
Increased total Profile Actions by 450%
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