Pooters believes in all things natural, organic and whatever’s best for your family… because frankly, we should all give a crap!

With very little to no marketing efforts, Pooters required a refresh and revival on all things branding and marketing when first meeting us.

Beginning our relationship on the right foot, we engaged in a 5-week Research & Development + Rebranding process for Pooters. We put together comprehensive data to inform rebranding, that in turn allowed us to provide a Communications Strategy to kick-start Pooters’ official marketing launch.

After only one month, the brand experienced a 495% increase on generated sales. Pooters is now garnering a whopping 93% increase on total revenue year-to-date.

...Social skyrocketed in the last 6 months too:
Increased Instagram Impressions by 4,762%
Engagements by 6,107%, and Profile Actions by 664%

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